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Pet-Pal Automatic Feeder

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Introducing the Pet-Pal Automatic Pet Feeder and Watered, your all-in-one solution to ensure your furry friend stays nourished and hydrated without any hassle. Designed with both eating and drinking sides, this innovative feeder takes the worry out of pet care. The Pet-Pal features a spacious food compartment capable of holding up to 2 kilograms of dry food, providing ample storage for your pet's meals. On the water side, a generous 2-liter reservoir ensures a constant supply of fresh water for your pet throughout the day, promoting hydration and well-being.With its gravity-fed design, the Pet-Pal dispenses food and water automatically, eliminating the need for constant refills and allowing your pet to eat and drink as needed. The transparent reservoirs allow for easy monitoring of food and water levels, so you can quickly see when it's time for a refill.


Product Name: Pet-Pal Automatic Pet Feeder and Watered

Color Options: Green, Grey, Purple

Recommended Pets: Cats, Small Dogs

Package Includes:

1 Pet-Pal Automatic Pet Feeder and Watered

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